Biospheric compatibility:

human, region, technologies


This scientific peer-reviewed journal publishes articles in the areas of cross-disciplinary research concerning the issue of formation of social, economic and humanitarian mechanisms for progressive harmonious development of people, technologies, region biospheres, i.e. biotechnosphere. Journal "Biospheric compatibility: human, region, technologies" covers such topics as "Ecology", "Construction. Architecture", "Environment Protection. Human ecology". Research materials in the following areas and specialties are accepted:

05.23.22 - Urban Planning, rural settlements planning

05.23.19 – Ecological safety of construction and municipal facilities

05.23.04 – Water supply, sewerage, construction engineering for protection of waters

05.23.21 - Civil and structural architecture. Creative philosophy of architecture activities

05.23.08 - Construction Process and organization.

About the journal

·         Founders: FSBEI HE "South-West State University", FSBEI HPE "State University - Education-Science-Production Complex", FSBEI HE "Bryansk State Engineering and Technological Academy", FSBI "Research Institute of Structural Physics of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences", FSBEI HE "Moscow State University of Civil Engineering", FSBEI HPE "Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering"

·         has been published since 2013

  • publication frequency: quarterly
  • ISSN 2311-1518.
  • the mass media registration certificate: ПИ № ФС77-56639 dd. 26.12.2013.
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Topics included:

  • Issues of the theory of biospheric compatibility of towns and settlements.
  • Ecological monitoring, humanitarian balance and regulation.
  • Biospheric compatible technologies.
  • Problems and programmes of regions development.
  • Ecological safety of construction and municipal facilities.
  • Towns for human development.

Scientific journal "Biospheric compatibility: human, region, technologies" is an open access journal. You can buy the journal subscribing to it. The subscription index in the union catalogue "Press of Russia"is 94005.

Articles are refereed by leading specialists in the area of construction and architecture and are registered in the Russian Science Citation Index.

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